I’m a Nova Scotian photographer living and working in Halifax. I work full-time during the day as a HR Compensation Consultant and live through photography exploring my creative side during my personal time.


I first picked up a camera in elementary school, taking an extra-curricular dark room class, and throughout my younger years always had an interest in photography. I became serious about the art form as an adult, after my first trip to Ireland (in 2008) where I realized my passion for capturing moments of time through the lens.


My main photographic interest is macro and micro photography; I love shallow depth of field and the idea of combining focus points to create interesting images. I like to find the beauty in things people often don’t notice because they are too small or ignored because they are part of a larger whole.


I love to travel with my camera, and my trips have become more about creating images and immersing myself in the scenery around me than they have about being a tourist. My trips to Europe have extended my photographic style to focus more and more on architecture and landscape. The draw of ruined castles and abbeys as a photographic subject is something I can’t pass by and when you add in a beautiful landscape, the fusion of man-made objects and the colour and light of the natural world is inspirational to me and something I want to share.


I am an exhibiting member at ViewPoint Gallery, an artist-run photography co-operative, located in Halifax. Every month you can see new work by me, and by other members of the Gallery. If you are interested in purchasing any prints you can reach me by my email below or through the Contact link on this page.




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