One cannot say they are a macro photographer without at some point delving into flower photography, whether it be at the beginning of their career or throughout. For me, flowers have all the ingredients to make a great image - colour, texture, and symmetry. Nature has a way of creating colours that work together. With the right point of view and light, I strive to create flower images that are engaging and hold interest. I disagree with some photographers who say flowers must be physically perfect. Sometimes the imperfect is what grabs the eye, and makes something uniquely beautiful - and that is what I try to reveal when I take a photograph of a flower.

Changing Anthurium
Breath of Flowers
Beauty Still
Dandelion Bones
Midnight Flower
Sunflower Torch
African Violets
Orange Calla Lilly
The Yellow Tulip
Flowers from Stone
Portrait of a Rose
Pink and Yellow
Sharp Edges