Nova Scotia

My love of England, Scotland, and Ireland is partially rooted in my heritage, and is why I love being from Nova Scotia. I sometimes find it hard to take unique images that speak to me in the same way my images from away do. I take it on as a challenge, to make interesting images of locations I know so well. Below are some of my favourite, including The Women, the image of the four women sitting on the rocks at Peggy's Cove.

Halifax Town Clock
Peggy's Cove, Lighthouse Reflection
The Beast
Cape Breton Sunset
Cape Breton Mountains
Cape Breton
Cape Breton Rocks
Natures Chandelier
Frozen in Time
Old Burial Ground, Halifax
Louisbourg Buildings
Dartmouth Train
Ride Me?
Cape D'Or, On the Edge
Peggy's Cove Star Trails
Peggy's Cove New Years Day 2011
Peggy's Cove New Years Day 2010
The Mill
Peggy's Cove Fishing Shack
Cape Breton Shack
Five Islands
Blue Rocks 1
Blue Rocks 1
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Blue Rocks 2
Blue Rocks 2
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Blue Rocks 3
Blue Rocks 3
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